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12 Month Discovery To Self Consultation

Free 15-30 minute Consultation

  • 30 minutes
  • Via Phone or Zoom

Service Description

Understanding yourself and your world around you from a spiritual perspective can help you lead a more meaningful life. You may discover that you have a profound purpose and that all of the events in your life have been orchestrated to bring you to your true path. Working with a spiritual life coach can reveal your life purpose to you and help you clear out any energetic blocks to living the life that you were always meant to live. A spiritual life coach can help you find who you really are and heal your old wounds so that you can move into a better, brighter future. Spiritual healing is a significant part of spiritual life coaching. Sometimes, we have to get rid of the items that are hindering us from evolving before we can begin to plan for that future that we truly desire. Healing allows us to feel released from our wounds and then limited patterns of behavior and thinking so that we can make way for new habits and thoughts that align with our dreams. Spiritual life coaches work with their clients to create new habits and integrate beliefs that are perfectly designed to take us where we want to be. Healing is an extremely valuable step because it allows us to leave the past behind and become anew. When we sever the connection between ourselves and past pains, it is less likely that the same issues will come up and sabotage us in the future. Healing is the fastest and most secure way to ensure a full transformation of mind, body, and soul. There are many different methods used by spiritual life coaches and healers for clearing away emotional wounds and physical imbalances. These methods can range from ancient rituals to very modern practices and can be vastly different from one another. Bottom line - a spiritual life coach is the perfect mentor to guide you along the path to healing and help you figure out which methods best suit your needs. Ask yourself what are you waiting for? Book a no obligation free consultation today.

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Authentic Ascension Wellness Practice, LLC, Beechnut Street, Houston, TX, USA

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