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"Coach Love: Illuminating Souls, Nurturing Communties, and Embracing Spiritual Awakening"

The Journey of a Cosmic Traveler Dedicated to Love & Service

My Journey

In a world yearning for spiritual transformation, one extraordinary individual shines as a beacon of light:

Coach Love, also known as Ty. Her journey from childhood aspirations to her current role as a Health & Wellness Mindset Transformational Soul Coach and Past Life Regression Practitioner showcases the profound impact of early experiences and family dynamics in shaping her world view. From imagining herself as a teacher with friends as her students to growing up in a one-parent home with a hardworking and nurturing mother, Ty’s passion for serving others took root. Today, her calling extends beyond borders as she guides humanity towards ascension and embraces a profound spiritual awakening.

A Life Rooted in Love and Community

Coach Love's childhood experiences and the support of her single-parent home in the heart of Texas laid the foundation for her deep connection to community and her unwavering dedication to service. Early on, she envisioned herself as a teacher, guiding and nurturing those around her. Witnessing communities lacking support and the essence of the “it takes a village” philosophy only furthered her resolve to create a nurturing environment. The birth of her son propelled her to establish an Early Learning preschool, where children in the community could grow and thrive. With her commitment to excellence, the preschool program surpassed state standards, earning the highest rating and leaving a lasting impact on the local community.

Unveiling the Path of Spiritual Awakening

Ty’s spiritual awakening in 2020 served as a turning point, guiding her towards her true purpose. Love led her on this transformative journey as she sought answers and sought to understand a painful loss. Through this awakening, she unlocked her most authentic self, embarking on an extraordinary and beautiful journey of self-discovery, within this it was revealed that nothing is ever lost. As a forever student of the universe, Ty delved into the laws of the universe, embracing a cosmic traveler’s perspective. Along the way, she discovered her role as a Pleadian Starseed, a world bridger, entrusted with guiding others through their ascension.

Energy, Calling, and Mission

For Coach Love, working with energy transcends mere career aspirations—it is her calling, her mission, and her entire existence. As a Health & Wellness Mindset Transformational Soul Coach and Past Life Regression Practitioner, she brings profound healing and transformation to those she serves. Ty’s dedication to her craft is not limited to her professional roles; it extends to her lifelong commitment to nurturing families in her Early Learning Preschool. Her genuine care, deep listening, and comforting presence during her tenure in the Emergency Room and Intensive Care Unit exemplify her innate compassion and unwavering support for others.

A Guiding Light Igniting Collective Evolution


Ty’s journey as Coach Love encompasses a lifetime of preparation and a deep-rooted desire to serve humanity. From her early dreams of becoming a teacher to her role as a cosmic traveler, she has touched numerous lives along the way. Her awakening in 2020 unlocked her inner light, guiding her on a path of love, service, and spiritual evolution. Today, as a Health & Wellness Mindset Transformational Soul Coach and Past Life Regression Practitioner, Ty empowers individuals to tap into their innate potential, guiding them through ascension and transformation. The love, support, and guidance she provides have left an indelible mark on countless families, friends, and individuals who have witnessed her profound journey. Coach Love’s mission continues to illuminate souls and embrace the collective awakening of humanity, reminding us that within each of us lies the power to embark on a truly beautiful and conscious existence.

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