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What is the cost?

Because each Soul Journey is a custom-designed blend of sessions, there is no set price and the cost is determined by the number and type of sessions included in your package and how deeply you want to commit. A Soul Self Discovery Journey can range anywhere from around $1,5000 to $5,555 per person, with the average around $3,700 per person. Couples sessions are higher because they involve both individual sessions and couples sessions. Other cost considerations are anytime Sacred Chat Sessions and Energy Readings.  Book one of our free consultations and after you speak with one of our Spiritual Ambassadors and they custom design your Journey, you will know the exact cost (and there is no cost or obligation for speaking with a Spiritual Ambassador).

Since each Soul Self Discovery Journey is designed and customized for the individual, there are no “package prices.” Prices are not determined by the number of days or hours, but by the sessions included in your journey.

Your Spiritual Ambassador will assist you in designing a Self Discovery Adventure with exactly the right sessions to serve you best and can also work with you to design a custom Self Discovey Adventure that fits within your budget. Payment plan options are also available should you need more time to budget for your Journey


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